Bryan Day

Bryan is a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys blending synthetic and organic sounds to produce atmospheric soundscapes. then he adds vocals. the results are elitefitrea.

When he is not writing the next album, he can be found practicing Debussy pieces or buying new synths. 



Bryan was born in Speyer, Germany, moving to the United States with his family at 12 years old. Around the same time, he developed an untreated food allergy which resulted in a 20+ year bout with depression, culminating in a psychotic episode in 2008. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a $7,000 property crime committed during this time. In prison, he cured his depression using elimination dieting.

Bryan was also trained as an Arabic linguist while enlisted in the Marine Corps. In 2003, he smoked pot to get out of the Iraq war, believing it to be based on false pretenses.


While incarcerated, Bryan witnessed what he thought of as a “soft-genocide.” He witnessed “job-programs” which were slavery-in-practice. He read books like The New Jim Crow, and Prisons for Profit, and familiarized himself with the thoughts and feelings of inmates from all walks of life.

After his release, he became aware of the growing Men’s Issues movement and saw its potential for preventing crimes like his own. Since then, he has been an ally to various people in the Men’s Rights movement.

|theory of art

Bryan writes his music from a “place of depression.” His artistic theory is that music written from the perspective of a depressed person, and with depressing themes and tones, can help people cope with depression, or other pervasive & negative thoughts, feelings, or life-situations; thus reducing suicide and violence. He believes he owes a debt of gratitude to the artists of the past who performed a similar function for him, as he does not believe he’d be alive without them.

|personal life

Bryan is trilingual, and his spirituality is an amalgamation of Christian and Buddhist ideas. He is married and works on art full time.