Act/One Magazine Reviews Dedication

This is cool! I don’t think I have ever heard anything like this before? This is, in my mind, electronic black metal. I grew up on Scandinavian metal and bands like Satyricon. This is the next level. This is the future.

The first single “Dedication” has a unique and characteristic build-up, in short: this is songwriting at its finest. With a timestamp at 6:46, This artist stays true to the genre and style of long running tracks.

The intro is long, it’s haunting and it’s mesmerizing. At the 4:30 mark, the song changes personality, style and sound. The whole track transforms into a heavier more powerful song with a solo guitar as the main driving force throughout the song.

The Arsonist (Hey Liar) is the B-side. This one beats and breaths in 7 minutes and 46 seconds. Love it.

The chorus of this song is the thing that sticks out the most. I would not be surprised if this is one of those times the B-sides outplays the A-side. From start to finish, this is an amazing song.

Both tracks have their own identity and in my opinion there are two main reasons for that. Number one: The songwriting. It’s brilliant. Number two: the vocals. The sound stands out in the crowd and it feels real. This voice is the perfect fit for these songs.

Check ‘em out!