Studio Work Finished

Proposed building for  Lethe  album cover concept.

Proposed building for Lethe album cover concept.

Recording for Lethe is all wrapped up, and a list has been drawn for all names and email addresses who will receive a free, advanced digital copy of the album. (If you’re only hearing about this now, you’re too late.)

While Lethe is being mastered, and videos & photoshoots are being scheduled and created, elitefitrea has a few side-projects lined up! They are listed below.


The band has made a basement/bootleg recording of “I,” a live favorite, which will be released soon as limited edition single on and (not Spotify or other streaming platforms).

It will be available on YouTube and BitChute. A b-side will feature an acoustic song Bryan recorded in the band room at Bent County Correctional Facility in 2012.

This prison-recording is available thanks to efforts by guitarist Chris, who pro-actively mailed it home after Bryan was transferred to another facility, knowing he wouldn’t see freedom for at least 15 more years. (Chris was later released over 10 years early due to mounting evidence of his innocence.)

I - Demo & Music Video


lleetthhee - Meditative Supplimental Album

While in the studio, Bryan made half-speed, instrumental versions of 8 out of the 9 tracks on Lethe. Everything was played at half-speed, live, through the same bitcrushers, distortion boxes, and other effects as the regular-speed versions, creating a dream-like (and sometimes nightmarish), one-and-a-half hour experience.

Intensely introverted, lleetthhee is not for people with short attention-spans. Lleetthhee will be included in a deluxe-version of Lethe, available on, and other platforms, at the same time as Lethe is released. It will also be available as a separate instrumental album.

Bryan recently interviewed a friend of his who is a wounded veteran, and who became a victim of sustained domestic violence and mental abuse. This shocking two-and-a-half-hour interview sheds light on some of the drastic inconsistencies in the court and justice system.

Bryan is also considering interviewing homeless people and former prison inmates, and other friends of his who have experienced various hardships or who have interesting stories to tell.

If you’re interested, subscribe to elitefitrea’s youtube channel.

Interview |Rob’s Story

Speaking of elitefitrea’s youtube channel, if you missed Bryan’s last video, it’s here: