News & updates

Here’s what Bryan & elitefitrea have been up to:


Bryan attended ICMI and met a bunch of e-celebs, including Karen Straughan, “Count Dankula” (Markus Meechan), “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin), & many more.

Bryan gave away elitefitrea t-shirts and passed out 25 exclusive (& collectible) previews of Lethe to attendees & influencers (including to those pictured above).

Additionally, Bryan was interviewed as a prison reform advocate by Subverse News, & by Bloomberg Magazine. The Subverse interview can be seen here:

He also met Brian Martinez, who runs the Honey Badger radio show. Recently, they talked together about Lethe. This interview also contains a preview of The Center at the 17:42 minute mark.

Minds & Mythinformed

A few weeks later, Bryan attended the Minds IRL event in Philidelphia, an event about ending racism and authoritarianism (themes which resonate strongly with Lethe).

This event featured main speaker Daryl Davis, a musician and activist who has de-radicalized over 200 KKK members over the course of his career. The event was protested, and nearly shut down, by pro-racist and pro-authoritarian antifa members who threatened to burn down the original venue in New Jersey.

Bryan passed out previews of Lethe to attendees and influencers at this event as well, including] the tepid, beanie-sporting, milquetoast commentator himself, Tim Pool.

I - Music Video

elitefitrea also released their first music video, and underground marvel, called I. I is a demo for the album after Lethe, called sever|us, with some writing and studio work already underway.

What’s Next: The Center, ‘non’ & Lethe

Next is a polished music video for The Center; a demo release called ‘NON’ containing I, a few covers, & a prison recording; rehearsals for shows; single releases; and of course, the fore-told release of Lethe to all the pre-oderers, and ultimately, to the world.

(I’m considering releasing Lethe to pre-orderers only and delaying it for everyone else — what do you think?)

We’ll let you know how things go!